Episode 95

Simple Keys to Soul Progress Series #8: Perseverance with Dr. Judith

Dr. Judith brings a fascinating perspective on the spiritual journey, emphasizing the transformative power of perseverance. In this episode, she delves into what perseverance truly means, often using "persistence" interchangeably to highlight this essential quality. Dr. Judith explores the profound connection between perseverance and spiritual growth, revealing five reasons individuals might struggle to persevere.

If not addressed, these obstacles can significantly impact one's soul. Dr. Judith explains how the soul essentially communicates, "I can’t learn if you aren’t willing to engage," underscoring the importance of active participation in one's spiritual development. She also ties in the concepts of focused attention and a growth mindset, illustrating how they interplay with the power of perseverance.

Listeners and seekers will be intrigued by Dr. Judith's insights on overcoming these barriers and inspired to apply her wisdom to their spiritual paths. Tune in to uncover the hidden challenges to perseverance and discover how embracing persistence can lead to profound soul growth and enlightenment.