Episode 97

The Power of Belief and Vision – Part I Dr. Phil Hickman

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome a remarkable guest, Dr. Phil Hickman. The theme, "The Power of Belief and Vision," has been a cornerstone of Dr. Hickman's success and ongoing adventures in life. Our discussion delves into the profound impact of dreams, which is essential: "If you could dream it, you can become it," the power of being faith-based, and the home environment on fostering academic curiosity in children and teens, guiding them to focus their attention on constructive pursuits consistently. Encouraging a can-do attitude and a passion for learning is crucial in helping children realize their dreams are attainable. Dr. Phil also shares some powerful statistics and research about our children and teens in schools and the impact of social media.

Dr. Hickman, an advocate for youth empowerment, has penned an inspiring book titled "Stop Dribbling Football." The story follows a boy unfamiliar with the game because he only knows basketball. He begins to dribble a football on the field because that's what he knows. This narrative underscores the importance of broadening our children's horizons, showing them they are capable of much more than they might initially believe.

With a steadfast commitment to mentoring, teaching, and nurturing the next generation, Dr. Hickman is dedicated to serving youth and helping them unlock their full potential. Join us as we explore how belief, vision, and a supportive environment can transform the lives of young people.