Episode 8

Laying the Foundation: Universal Laws Surpass Human Laws | Ep 008

Dr. Judith highlights some of the Universal Laws by which the Soul operates, which are different for man-made Laws, which we abide by in daily living. What about Universal Laws? Do they have a place in the Soul’s Evolution. The Soul wants to vibrate at a high frequency but D.E.N.S.I.T.Y.© *, not only weights the Soul down but also like garbage, “stinky”.  She compares this type of “stinky” energy to a garbage landfill you don’t wish to occupy space within you because it creates barriers to Soul Expansion.


*DENSITY is discussed more in Dr. Holder’s second book (2020 e-book) on Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth.

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About the Host:

Dr. Judith Holder’s passion is empowering people to be their best selves! Dr. Holder is the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways™ (www.uniquepathwayscoaching.com). She is a leadership coach-psychologist, facilitator, consultant, and author.

Our paths are filled with many adventures in which Judith believes can be seen as growth opportunities, even during challenging times. She likes to think about, discover, and discuss personal and professional life’s circumstances as you journey through life, through the lens of Christian values, Buddhist precepts, Ascended Master teachings and Esoteric Principles to gain greater clarity and mastery in daily living. 

Dr. Holder is the author of Mastering Life’s Adventures: On the Beam – Essential Insights for Growth and Self-Mastery, and an e-book, Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth

On a personal note, Dr. Holder sees herself as a perpetual student learning from her everyday adventures, which she considers as a part her ongoing growth and evolution of her SOUL. The fun part is we are all walking similar journeys together!

Judith enjoys spending time with family, vacationing at beaches and mountains sides, reading, walking, partaking in mindfulness practices, and is a certified yoga instructor.


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Dr. Judith Holder:

Welcome to Mastering life's adventures, an educational podcast about tapping into your true self, the soul, your soul, the substance of your life, to discover what life's ups and downs are really about, and how to have a greater sense of purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment. I am Dr. Judith holder and your host, Coach psychologist Delos seeker, he enjoys diving into the connections between spirituality, psychology, wellness, and your everyday life adventures. All preparing and polishing you like the fast is a magnificent diamond, to be your best self. If you're craving more from your life, you are in the right place. Come let's journey together and transforming what you know. And to who you really are mastering Lifes adventures begins now.

Dr. Judith Holder:

Welcome back, we've been laying some foundation or stones or pillars, that allow you to understand this whole concept of community moving forward, as relates to soul evolution, and the importance in the things that the soul needs to have. It's like nourishing the soul, what are those things that you can become more intentional about, in order to have that soul and your soul to continue to grow and advance and its evolution. So we've been talking a little bit about needing attention forms reality, we also talked about distractions, how they kick you off that kind of beam, and then also the importance of still time, and then went into talking about the distinction between the ego persona and, and the soul, and with the souls needs are. And what I wanted to do was to be able to move to another pillar and talk about that. But I first wanted you guys to see how things went with anything you notice and the distinction between your ego persona, and your interactions and your discussions with other individuals in your world. Versus when you're aware of your soul, and the subtleness and the intuitiveness of your soul, helping or guiding or and being able to make certain statements that sometimes may come up Allen's very profound and right on target. Are you becoming more attuned to chess observing yourself? And in that observation, being aware of who's showing up? Is the ego showing up? And its competitiveness and comparison is a soul Shoshana showing up and is ability to be focused in wise in prompt you in terms of making certain choices and decisions, for example. And the soul will sometimes say intuitively go right, that will be the better way to go on the highway. But the ego will say No, we're fine. Let's just continue to move forward. So you continue to move forward, you go with what the ego had said, Just continue what gets there, we know this route. And then lo and behold, you come into a lot of traffic. And there's an exit ahead. And now you're going to be late for work probably by half hour, because it's there's so much traffic that's gone, just blocked, and waiting for things to be cleared. While your soul was very gentle saying take this exit go this direction, knows more than what the ego can ever know about how to help you as moving forward in your mind. And it's important for us to be in listening grace, so to speak, in a listening ear to that soul prompting, but we've got to understand the distinction between what is the vibration of our soul? And what is the vibration of our ego and how it shows up. So continue, you know, be with just being aware, and being aware of the subtleness. And the more that you're aware of that, the more that you're going to be able to say, Oh, I'm gonna go with this voice, my intuitive voice, then my ego voice that is telling me to do something that's not going to be to my greater liking or good or are going to be as helpful as what my soul will have told me and prompted me to be able to do so all you're trying to do right now is notice and start to make the distinctions. Is it my skills speaking, or is that my eager, Prasanna speaking? So with that being said,

Dr. Judith Holder:

I must go and talk about another pillar or foundational stone and that is related to there are certain universal laws that exist, that the soul follows or any Just to follow in order for it to continue to any soul evolution to continue to grow in its patterns and, and the pristine beauty of uniting with that the sole source which is God or Atman, or the I Am Presence, or whatever you want to call that sole source for you, yourself. And first, we need to talk a little bit about what universal laws are. Universal laws are different from man made laws, universal laws don't change. Whereas man made laws, yeah, you can change the law of the land and be something different. And people will follow there are universal laws run on the universe. And so they don't change every decade or every year, or every month, they're pretty consistent. They're the same yesterday, today, and forever. They're consistently laws that exist, that's important to be aware of universal laws of immortal. Whereas we live in mortality, mortal forms that not Ashes to ashes, dust to dust as in terms of the physical form, but the soul does live on. And that living on is related to one of the laws, which I'll talk about in a minute. And universal laws operate the same for any person or anything that's been happening. And you know, anyone can use those laws, but you'd prefer to use them in the right order and right action. They're considered I would think the impersonal aspects of God. The impersonal aspects, in terms of, for example, Moses and the 10 commandments, these commandments were commandments, regardless of what, what religion you belong to. But there were universal laws that he gave at that point in time, when Moses asked Who should I say sent me is sending me with this. And he said, say I am that I am, I am above, as I am below, can you in that spirit spark or that soul spark that exists within you, or in Gautama Buddha, who talked about the Four Noble Truths, they're just universal laws, they have different wordings and different vernacular, if you want to say that's been used, but they're there. And we have to understand them. Because they really are for the growth and advancement of the soul. And Jeff says, a beginner skier you know, if you're skiing, you don't ski if you're a beginner, you don't ski on one ski. Well, this will do well usually doesn't do because you're gonna fall and you're you may even hurt yourself in skiing, or in swimming, in hope there are certain strokes will help you to get further across in the pool, then doing just the doggy paddle that try to get there. No, there are different things that are needed to help you to continue to grow and pay for each of the strokes that you do to get across the particular pool that you may be swimming in. Or even when you're learning to dry, and you're beginner driver, there's certain laws that exist in the beginning to drive you nuts, you've got to you know, take their driver's exam. And you also need to know when a red light says stop. And an amber light means slow down. And you know, and a green light means speed up, keep moving, but within the speed limit. So laws do exist in countries too. So driving on the right side versus driving on the left side. So there are many laws that are manmade laws, but they're also spiritual laws or universal laws that exist, and these laws do not change. And one of those is what I mentioned to you in one of the episodes is the law of cause and effect. And the law of cause and effect is, you know, you are reap as you sow,

Dr. Judith Holder:

you will know the very thing that you are doing to someone else that may be malicious or mean spirited, that that energy will come back to you at some point in time. It may not be right then and there and sometimes it does, or maybe a later point. But that's when we talk about this law of cause and effect, tying into also the law of karma. And that karma we now have in the nakliye around good karma and bad karma. But it is saying that your actions do have a result your actions Do have meaning. And they do have impact not only on yourselves, but it also has impact on others as well. So part of that law of cause and effect that you know ties into that law of karma ties into another law of freewill. So we have freewill to do, and to experiment on this planet Earth. And our decisions that we do make, do either create that aspect of good or bad type of energy or karma. So that freewill is that we have to be attuned to, how are we using our free will? How are we using it to uplift to help the soul to continue to evolve? Or how are we using our free will by the choices that we make? That kind of pulls us down and creates a level of density for us, or because of the negativity of our thoughts in terms of anger, or resentment or bitterness, or our frustrations, even frustrations are having an impact upon to the energetic level of the Soul and yourself in terms of what level you will vibrate at. Because ultimately, the soul's destiny is to vibrate at higher frequencies to reunite with a god source to expand at higher frequencies to reunite that is the guard source. So we're, we're beings of light. But in the process of living life, we make choices and decisions in our life, that either elect to pull us up, as I mentioned before, or they elect to pull us down because of the decisions that we may. So energy that pulls us up are those things that we do that a sacrifice service selflessness that allows us to be able to give to others freely out of the goodness of our heart, because we want the goodness for the other person to be able to be kind and consider it. It doesn't mean that we're not firm and holding a boundary about something. But it's a different energy by which we're doing it from, then the energy of the ego, which we'll be doing it more from is if you cross that line, then I'm going to hurt you. Or if you do something negative to me, I'm going to slam you with something harder, and yes as negative, you know, or it's from a sense of that frustration or that anger, or that sense that, you know, this person wronged me, now I need to get even, wholly different energy. And that what the soul is needing, and the sole focus is around. And so when it is around this anger and frustration and bitterness and tit for tat type of energy, we actually are now creating density. We're creating density. It's just like a garbage that we're creating, recruiting reappoint like we put our garbage out every week for the garbage man to pick it up. And we'll how we don't realize there's certain thoughts, feelings and reactions are stinky thinking, is thinking thinking is is smells, you know, we take and the garbage man takes the garbage and puts into a landfill. But do you realize that we can have a landfill of negativity with it that exists within us and around us and our own energetic field of who we are as a person. And as people? Yes, that density, which, you know, I like acronyms. And I mentioned this and opening up to your divinity. And one of the books in which I wrote, gave a nice to the dense energy now secretly anticipated towards you the dense energy of our thoughts negativities our emotions, the moodiness, the neck, the criticism, ingratitude. All our trading now secretly

Dr. Judith Holder:

intensified and intensify towards you. And that energy weighs us down. It weighs us down. And we don't realize why I'm feeling down. I'm feeling this way or that way that is not in alignment with our true self, that soul self of lightness and energy. Because through the law of karma, we made certain choices, pieces that now to the law of cause and effect come back to us that had an impact whether on us whether we are aware of it it or not, it doesn't matter whether you're aware, but the universe is aware because it works on universal, immutable laws that exists. And it's up to us to learn what those laws are, and be in alignment with those laws. So with this issue of density, because of the negative thoughts and emotions and reactions that we're doing, we're having and building this garbage of land. And we're dumping it into this landfilled of ourselves, which is weighing us down, we don't realize that there are certain thoughts and feelings and reactions to it that do have grooves or tracks that create automatic thinking that we engage in that we have to begin starting to be alert to. And the way in which we become alert to those is the habits that we find ourselves engaged in, that we start observing those habits, and noticing, oh, I always do this. Or I always do that, whatever those are those habits that you're starting to know, because what I talked to my coaching clients around as seeing them as themes that keep on coming up. It's like the there was a movie that came out many, I guess, a couple of decades, decades ago, called the never ending story. And it was related to this ongoing episodes that kept on happening again and again. And we have to be attuned to the fact that those lessons that are being given to us again and again, is being given because we need to pass them, we need to see them. Every time this person shows up, I want to have a mood, have an attitude, or be angry at this person. Well, that mood attitude and impacts more you and your energetic level, then sometimes the other person not to say they want NP PAC impacted by it at all, because they will because people feel your energy, people feel our energy. We feel a person when they're being light hearted, and fun and adventurous. And we love that type of energy. And we also feel the energy when someone's depressed and down and grumpy. And we don't want to be around that type of person. And it can feel like we have to walk on eggshells around the person. So we say you know better not to go there with that person at all, for these universal laws of cause and effect, and the law of free will which we have choice, and that we have to be aware that there is an accountability, that we have a responsibility to know what these laws are. So we can be more in alignment in achievement with these laws. So these universal laws we can trust, they're not going to go away. They happen regardless of what race you belong to, what religion you belong to, what ethnicity you are, what nationality you are, it really doesn't matter. A transcends all of that. And it really is something that you can rely on. These are laws are reliable, and you will see them come up especially frequently in the law of cause and effect. And the law of free will. And the law of reincarnation is the next thing that I want to talk about. Because my little law is exists is accountability for our actions, and we thought right deeds. But also we have to realize, because of choices and decisions, I should say, because of choices and decisions that we've

Dr. Judith Holder:

made in our life, that have been some very marvelous decisions and choices that vibrate at a higher frequency. And some choices and decisions that are vibrating at a lower frequency, that create that density that we talked about earlier. It is these situations that the law of the universe is the soul will need to continue to come back until it balances his energy. The soul will need to continue to come back until it writes the wrongs that he created in society against others, as well as against themselves. And so that law, we have to realize is a marvelous law. Because it gives us an understanding that the soul does live on until it can balance this energy to be at the frequency of light that to reunite with this guard source. That's very powerful. And that's very comforting to know that because of this law of reincarnation, that our actions are Thoughts are words, ds matter, they do matter. They do impact. And that is just like this scribe. And you know, an angel scribe, this grind writes down all the things that we're doing like you would transcript of your day? Well, it's writing down everything you do, because and the universal flow of things. It allows us to know and the universe to know how we're using God's energy. And are we using it for good? Are we using it for file negatively against other individuals. And it's true, taking ownership of our actions. And no, that may be something that we did many lifetimes ago. Because I know some people don't believe in reincarnation, but I do, and therefore I will speak on it. There have been many lifetimes ago because a soul lives on but the body does not. You know, that goes back to that Ashes to ashes tested us it can. It's the body doesn't live on, but the soul does. So the soul has to continue to go through life experiences to learn certain lessons. And that game moves us into the mastery of oneself. And therefore the mastery of one's destiny, in achievement, with God's principles, precepts, and laws. So when the when that an example of that is taking ownership is that sometimes their horrific action is taken, that a person has harmed another person through killing them, or maiming them in some ways. And then the situation that happens to the person in terms of getting maimed, you know, they are feeling, you know, really down, and they feeling bad, and then feeling as if there's an injustice that has been done against them. And certainly there has been, but the law takes notice, the law does take notice, it's like that angel scribe writing it down, and knowing that this person needs to correct this. And even this embodiment that the process in or in a future embodiment. And with that awareness, it releases this, the person who this action was inflicted upon to realize what comes around will go around, so that I don't have to be God says Ventures is mine. Vengeance is mine. Let God take care of that peace, that you take care of what you need to take care of, and heal from the experience, and not be jaded by the experience. And that is sometimes a great word, I understand. But it is aware that you don't have to hold that animosity in your heart, which only then creates density for you. So we're talking about these things, too, as we're looking at life's adventures, you know, and how to gain greater mastery of them. And I'm not gonna say it's always easy. But there is a path by which you can be able to do it, as opposed to feeling like there's only a dead end there isn't. And the process

Dr. Judith Holder:

of realizing that the law of reincarnation is a part of the the flow of life and why we we appear in different places or you know, you may be in one land, in one incarnation and a different land another incarnation, it is all part of meeting certain individuals that you can be able to work with, know that you may have some challenges with and that you have another opportunity to balance whatever those challenges have been, through love, through service, through kindness, through an awareness that your soul is evolving, your soul is continuing to grow. And it wants these types of experiences to be able to do so. So gives another opportunity. And that's a great aspect of the law of reincarnation. It gives us another opportunity for us to be able to work through whatever experiences we had in one lifetime that we need to work through and, and the next lifetime. And we're not going to get into all that goes into that process because there are processes in which we are able To know, the people that we need to be around the families were born into, or the communities that were born into all that is more of a complex process in some ways. In other ways, it may not be as complicated and along spirit toggle to what is our soul learning? How is our soul growing? And how can we be the best person that we can be in any situation that we find ourselves in? And oh, that was pretty heavy. Just talking about that cover talk more is good information to reflect on to think about and how it may show up. These concepts of which we're talking about today are universal laws in our life. So I hope this gives you again some food for thought I look forward to talking connecting, I'm chatting next time. Take care.