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My “Why” for Doing this Podcast | Ep 001

Dr. Judith shares her journey and story on how she came to host her podcast focusing on spirituality, psychology, wellness, and how to gain the most from life’s adventures. She talks about the unique needs of the soul, about her two books, and invites seekers to begin to think about life’s events and experiences that are encountered from the perspectives of: the skateboard, the cork in water and/or the trampoline.

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About the Host:

Dr. Judith Holder’s passion is empowering people to be their best selves! Dr. Holder is the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways™ (www.uniquepathwayscoaching.com). She is a leadership coach-psychologist, facilitator, consultant, and author.

Our paths are filled with many adventures in which Judith believes can be seen as growth opportunities, even during challenging times. She likes to think about, discover, and discuss personal and professional life’s circumstances as you journey through life, through the lens of Christian values, Buddhist precepts, Ascended Master teachings and Esoteric Principles to gain greater clarity and mastery in daily living. 

Dr. Holder is the author of Mastering Life’s Adventures: On the Beam – Essential Insights for Growth and Self-Mastery, and an e-book, Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth

On a personal note, Dr. Holder sees herself as a perpetual student learning from her everyday adventures, which she considers as a part her ongoing growth and evolution of her SOUL. The fun part is we are all walking similar journeys together!

Judith enjoys spending time with family, vacationing at beaches and mountains sides, reading, walking, partaking in mindfulness practices, and is a certified yoga instructor.


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Dr. Judith Holder:

Welcome to Mastering Life's Adventures, an educational podcast about tapping into your true self, the soul, your soul, the substance of your life, to discover what life's ups and downs are really about, and how to have a greater sense of purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment. I am Dr. Judith Holder and your host, Coach psychologist Delos seeker, who enjoys diving into the connections between spirituality, psychology, wellness, and your everyday life adventures. All preparing and polishing you like the fast is a magnificent diamond to be your best self. If you're craving more from your life, you are in the right place. Come let's journey together and transforming what you know. And to who you really are mastering life's adventures begins now.

Dr. Judith Holder:

You might be thinking what this podcast is about what what is it focused on? What is it going to be helping with? This is Dr. Judith and I'm here to talk about how I decided to do this podcast. And it really began. And it's been an evolving typer process had been an evolutionary process of how I decided to do this over the years. And only just recently, as of last year, I decided, Oh, I could actually put all this information together and do a podcast that could be of support and be of help to other individuals who may be walking a similar path that I have watched, as well as individuals that are similar to us as seekers then walking in moving for. So for me, my path began at the age of 11. But actually began even before then, my family would be very much I would call them seekers. My father and my mother, definitely were seekers. And they would have family meetings when I was four, and five and six. And I had older brothers and a younger brothers and a sister as well, who was really focused on helping the family, John Deshpande, the spiritual significance of the life events that they have gone through, that we will be going through, and that how spirituality was anchored fundamentally into who and what we are. And that was discussions. And even though I was a small one at the time, here in this discussion, it didn't make an impression on me. It made a lasting impression on me. I became looking and became curious to, and I can remember, when I was maybe seven or eight, I took a book off my father and mother's bookshelf. That was a spiritual nature. And it was far beyond my years in terms of concepts and ideas. And I quickly put the book back, because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. But my family, in terms of my parents were very good shepherds of trying to help to give us understanding of this. So these family meetings was really, really helpful, but also an age of about 11. My father came to me with a book, and he put the book in my hands. And he said, I think this will be helpful to you. And the name of the book was your faith is your fortune. And it was by Neville.

Dr. Judith Holder:

And it was very helpful. It really gave me an angry in understanding the power of faith and the value of faith in one's life. And how it really does allow you to have a greater sense of purpose and meaning and knowing that you're not alone. And I had my family. So I knew I wasn't alone. But especially reading this gave me things to ponder and think about at the tender age of 11. But it because I was curious about what it's all about what's the meaning of life, why we're here. And I say it's got to be more because you know what, what I was experiencing at the age of 11 was feeling pretty boring. And so I started to start seeking for a greater meaning just as my parents and other family members are doing the same as well. And so in my path and my journey, and how I came about deciding to do this podcast, and mastering life's adventures, it was really related to this path or direction that my parents started me on, and that I continue and they continue to help and guide me and my thinking and thinking outside the box and looking at things from Different perspectives that I wouldn't maybe have naturally done otherwise. So when I was I was so curious about psychology, and what makes us tick, and why did we do what we do? And does that tie in to meaning and purpose that we will have in life. So I ended up doing my undergrad in psychology. And I also was interested in communities. And so I did also my minor in community, looking at Community Development and, and how we live in our society and what we could do in a preventative way. And then I decided that when I was in college, I also became fascinated by yoga, I had purchased a book on yoga and looked at all the postures, looked at all the wonderful things those postures could afford me. And I decided, wow, I can do this. And so I started doing yoga, and I started doing the postures. And it wasn't hard. It was just doing it slow and consistently, that became really, you know, empowering and very helpful for me. And then I decided that I was also interested in health and my family was a big proponent of eating well, for a sound body makes for a sound mind. And so eating and making sure you're understanding the nutritional things that you're putting into your body. My mother was so interested in nutrition that she took an online course at the time when nutrition just to get a better background in that. And it really served us well as sort of children to know this, but also sparked an interest. And in each one of us in some particular ways to make sure we were living the healthy living. And also being able to understand this whole concept that is now starts about wellness, that the wellness of is a body, mind and soul, body, mind and spirit. And so that wellness became just a part of who I was, as I was traveling, traveling through college, and I'm getting my BA degree. And then I decided I wanted to move forward and get my masters, each allowing me have a greater understanding of the components that I would like to share, as I moved into this 21st century, and mastering life's adventures.

Dr. Judith Holder:

So when I received my master's degree, that was in family therapy, and marriage and family therapy. And it was helpful because it really gave me an understanding of systems, why systems function, how they function, be it a family system level or larger level in society. But it was really helpful to give that sense that we are even though we may have individual unique differences within that family, for example, all are looking for the same thing all I'm looking for harmony, all they're looking for love, all I'm looking for peace, all I'm looking for something more in their lives, and that they can be able to feel valued and understood by and once I received my my master's degree, I've worked for a few years. And those four years been very, very helpful to me, and helping me to understand behavioral health, understanding what what goes on for individuals who are working in society and the stresses and strains that are placed upon them through their bosses or through the nature of the work that they were doing, or through role ambiguity or through confusion about what is being asked and but what is once my is one being something being said. And another thing is being saying I want this, but you really want this over here, and not being very clear about that in terms of directions that are being given in the work environment. So it became really helpful for me to be able to look at work environments, and be able to look at some of the systems dynamics that occur within work environments, as well as the individual within the system that they find themselves in. So then, after I met in my master's degree, I decided and after working, I decided I wanted to move on and move to getting my degree in counseling psychology, and with a specialty and stress management. And that was another layer of helping me to understand some of the dynamics that happen within psychology and why we do do what we do, and why we are engaged in certain behaviors, and that how we can also shift and change those behaviors.

Dr. Judith Holder:

But what I found with psychology is is that it wasn't quite as what I would have wanted it to be or currently is. A psychology was supposed to be originally the study of the soul, psyche, study of the soul, was psychology has become this a study of the personality. The personality is a component of the soul, but it is not the soul And that sometimes this hunger, this longing that we have is really actually this soul who is wanting something more. But we equate it with the personality that wants something more. And so we get confused because we never have an understanding that there are unique needs, and wants and desires of the soul that are different from the personality. And that's one of the reasons why I decided that I wanted to start a podcast to talk about this soul evolution, the talk about the soul needs, that evolves through time and space. And there are certain things that are very fundamental for the soul to help to have a sense of greater sense of fulfillment. So then, when I decided that I also wanted to work through coaching with individuals, and work at another level, and that coaching, and so I became certified as a professional coach, and also as a board certified coach, and had and will continue to work with physicians, nurses, our health professionals, people, then business managers, leaders, helping them become more effective in their roles, and leading. And so for those who have an have a desire of wanting to lead more effectively, they also may have an understanding a want and understanding of how their spiritual life ties into their livelihood, and what they do. And I'm very interested in the integration of what I call applied spirituality into your everyday life, and helping people to understand how do we go about doing that, in everyday life, everything we do at work, even at home, in our own personal worlds, of our thoughts and feelings. How does apply spirituality, impact, a greater growth and understanding and a greater sense of self mastery and yourself to become a better person to be the best person that you can become? So part of the integration of the experiences that I've had, you know, through psychology, through my own personal development of health, and yoga, as well as in exercise, and trying to eat a healthy in a healthy way, all this was moving me to have a greater awareness and appreciation for making sure that I'm being the best person that I can be. And that's always an evolving process as well. We're not here to be static, we're here to continue to grow and to advance. So my experiences in coaching has been wonderful. Over the past several decades, I have enjoyed working with every individual that comes my way, who wants to have leadership coaching, and who wants who's interested in helping them to develop new dimensions of who they are, and how they want to go about navigating in their particular world, and following their Northstar, whatever that may be for themselves.

Dr. Judith Holder:

So in the process of doing the coaching, I also moved into wanting to give back a little bit more of understanding of some of the information that I've learned on the soul evolution. And that's where my book came in, that I developed in mastering life's adventures, which is the title of this podcast, the title of the book is mastering life's adventures on the beam. And the beam is a balance beam or a beam of light. And I want to help people to understand how do you balance these different facets and different aspects of living life, and then how to use your spiritual nature, which should that beam to be able to do that. So you feel and have a greater sense of fulfillment in the things that you do. And a greater understanding that there's a reason why certain aspects to happen to us. And it's the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent. All experiences are trying to teach us something. And we just have to look at through a different lens or different colored lenses about what is trying to be taught to us so we can learn the lesson. Because what I have learned through my travels and working with people from various walks of life is is that the themes that happen in their lives, keep on showing up as themes. And so there's certain lessons that have changed trying to be learned through those themes. And we don't always know how to read what those themes are, or what is the higher presents is trying to teach us. The end an indwelling presence is trying to teach us. So the mastery of Life Adventures on the beam really talks about attributes and qualities that allows you to be able to have a greater mastery in your life. And then then that was written in 2012. And then I wrote a book in 2020, which was focused on opening up to your divinity. And if you can focus on strategies and tools and techniques that you can utilize to have a better understanding of some of the events and some of the things that are happening around you, and in the world in general, all leading and moving to my desire of wanting to help, this is one of the biggest things my father had. And my mother had it was they wanted to help not only us, but anyone who would come in there into their sphere of influence, help them to understand a better sense of who they are, and what they're about. And as the saying goes, The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And so I wanted to do the same. And so that's why I studied psychology. That's why I received my master's, my PhD, my certifications, as well as, as a seeker continuing to learn and to grow from my experiences. And that I have, and to be able to share those experiences and share a different way of looking at something or in terms of concepts and precepts and laws that exist, that we should be able to follow in order to have a more enriching and fulfilling mind. And many times, we don't have an understanding of what this These lessons are. And so it ends up being challenging for us. And so we continue to slip with a banana peel, as I say to some of my clients, you know, we keep on slipping on the banana peel. But at one point in time, through learning certain lessons we can take, pick up that banana peel and put it in the garbage where it belongs, and continue to walk our path and our spirits or direction that we want to move in.

Dr. Judith Holder:

So this is a little bit about how my podcast has come about, and my interest in wine to give more an understanding of looking at the events, looking at the circumstances that happen in our lives, to be able to move from the dark clouds into the silver linings of life's adventures that occurred to us. And also also the pull out the goal, the golden nuggets and from the experiences. And I think each experience that we go through are trying to, as I said earlier, teach us something. So one of the things is to think about, and I need to be on a skateboard. You know, and as I'm skating on that skateboard through live, you know, I'm not going so fast, and I'm going to fall off the state board. But I'm not going to slow. I'm going just at the right speed in order to learn and garner what I need as I move in, but I'm not getting stuck, I'm keeping moving forward in my life. And that's a skateboard analogy you can think of are doing need to be as my father would say, a coconut water, you know that your the cork and the water is supporting you, and helping you and guiding you and just be a cork and let things happen and be observed and about what's happening. But don't allow it to pull you down that quarter life experience to pull you down into the depths of that sea. But instead pop back up, see what needs to be set and seen. And you keep on moving with the waves until you come to the shore. And you get out and you start to settle in into the next step or the next aspect of your journey that you need to move towards. Or another analogy, and that's I'm thinking about this is do you need to kind of be like a trampoline. And on that trampoline, you're jumping, you're up on that trampoline, gaining strength, and the muscles are using that trampoline. But also you're jumping up to have a greater elevation have a greater sense of seeing maybe over certain situations and seeing what you really need to look at, that's going to be most helpful to you. And then once you are up at that level, you are able to garner what you can and you stay at that level you move to the next new jump to the next level that allows you to understand that level. So we're there's different ways in which we can learn from our life's experiences as we're moving through them. And we want to be able to have many ways and many tools to be able to do that in and that's what I'm interested in, is to think about that with you. And to think about that from a standpoint of are there other ways of looking at this? Are there other ways above the corner something are the ways in which we can be in touch with our soul need which is a substance of our life. The true substance of what our life is about is being a With the Connect that soul substance of who we are, with what we want to move forward with in our lives, but from a really authentic place, an authentic, genuine place that feels whole and complete. And that allows us to have vision and the direction that we're moving more in, because we feel more centered, or more anchored in a sense of our immensity of the necessity of who we are. And that is that soul tied to the higher presence, the inner presence, the rise aspects of who we are. All of this I want to talk more about. All of this is fascinating, and also to have be able to have guests on to these podcast episodes that we'll move forward with, and get other perspectives about some of how to master life's adventures. Whatever life is bringing you, how do you master it in order to continue to grow at a soul level. So this is Dr. Judah. Thank you for hearing a little bit about my interest in doing this podcast. Bye for now.