Episode 2

Overcoming Uncertainties in Moving Forward | EP 002

Dr. Judith drills down into understanding what barriers and types of fears that acted as roadblocks to her moving forward with hosting her podcast. She asks you to ponder these same barriers and what they may be looking like in your life and hindering your greatness. Her ultimate desire and goal is to serve and help others to transcend their former selves through embracing and applying spiritual principles in how we approach life’s adventures. 

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About the Host:

Dr. Judith Holder’s passion is empowering people to be their best selves! Dr. Holder is the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways™ (www.uniquepathwayscoaching.com). She is a leadership coach-psychologist, facilitator, consultant, and author.

Our paths are filled with many adventures in which Judith believes can be seen as growth opportunities, even during challenging times. She likes to think about, discover, and discuss personal and professional life’s circumstances as you journey through life, through the lens of Christian values, Buddhist precepts, Ascended Master teachings and Esoteric Principles to gain greater clarity and mastery in daily living. 

Dr. Holder is the author of Mastering Life’s Adventures: On the Beam – Essential Insights for Growth and Self-Mastery, and an e-book, Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth

On a personal note, Dr. Holder sees herself as a perpetual student learning from her everyday adventures, which she considers as a part her ongoing growth and evolution of her SOUL. The fun part is we are all walking similar journeys together!

Judith enjoys spending time with family, vacationing at beaches and mountains sides, reading, walking, partaking in mindfulness practices, and is a certified yoga instructor.


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Dr. Judith Holder:

Welcome to Mastering Life's Adventures, an educational podcast about tapping into your true self, the soul, your soul, the substance of your life, to discover what life's ups and downs are really about, and how to have a greater sense of purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment. I am Dr. Judith Holder and your host, Coach psychologist Delos seeker, he enjoys diving into the connections between spirituality, psychology, wellness, and your everyday life adventures. All preparing and polishing you like the fast is a magnificent diamond to be your best self. If you're craving more from your life, you are in the right place. Come let's journey together and transforming what you know. And to who you really are mastering mice adventures begins now.

Dr. Judith Holder:

I think living on planet Earth, we experience a lot of joys and a lot of things that bring us fulfillment. But we also experience some roadblocks that are self imposed or maybe imposed by others. And I want to share with you with some of the things that hindered me, or moved me into procrastination and starting this podcast. And so I want to say that there are things that I'm learning and have learned, that have been really, really helpful and my own journey, spiritual journey. But like everyone else, I'm human. And so there's things that have gotten in my way to move forward, one of which was, I didn't know for the past couple of decades that I could actually do a podcast that it would be something that would be valuable. But I think with the pandemic, that happened in the past couple of years, it became a kind of a newfound awareness for me, then it's something that I could be able to do in order to get my voice out there and heard. But some of the barriers that stopped me was that I have something that was relevant enough to say that I have something that would be intriguing or interesting for individuals to learn more about, because my focus was on Soul evolution, and mastery and life's adventures, and understanding that there is evolving of the soul, and the soul has certain needs. And at the time that I was growing up, there was not a lot of individuals, you know, seeking and searching, as my family and some other families to some of the churches we belong to are doing the same, it seemed like it was in small measure. But I think as the decades have moved on, that things have been mushroom mushrooming, I should say, into a sense that people are looking for something more seat people are looking for, why did I did this over here thinking that it was going to be me bringing me better joy or more joy in my work or in my personal relationships, and then I find that it falls kind of flat, that it doesn't actually do that.

Dr. Judith Holder:

So I looked for the next thing to see if that would bring me joy or happiness or satisfaction, and kind of it does, but then that falls flat a little bit. And so what it allowed me to see as I was listening to some of my coaching clients about some of the things that they were going through that this issue was forever relevant in terms of soul evolution, and the understanding of the spiritual principles and skills that we can be able to live our life by to have a more enriching fulfilling life. Then the other drawback, I think that's the kind of put me on the sidelines for a period of time was whether this is going to be accepted, or not in terms of the concepts, because I think outside the box, and in some ways, and I, I think inside and outside the box is in helping us to understand that there may be other tools and strategies that can be used to help us to maintain a point of harmony, balance, composure, sense of direction in our lives. And so was very interested in that, but I wasn't sure how much it was going to be accepted by others. And I, you know, I've come to the realizing is, is that there's always going to be people who are not going to be accepting of what is being said, and this podcast may not be for them. But I hope to the majority of it, people who are seekers and looking for something more, they may find some of the things that are talked about or all the things that are talked about very helpful and very and allow you to be more engaged and thinking about your own spiritual direction and path that you're on.

Dr. Judith Holder:

And then there's his kindness concept. This is that with that, since I'm not sure if you're going to be accepted, it is related to a fear. And so fear was I want to be accepted. But there are other types of fears that I thought I had a couple of. And I just wanted to mention these four types of fears and see where you land with them as well, that may be hindering you from moving forward in particular thing that you might have a passion around a strong interest around, or really want to get out there for other people to learn about from you. So the first was a fear and a higher calling. I've always had a sense that there was a higher calling, there was something that I needed to do in order to have a greater sense, sense of wholeness at a soul level. And so my finding of this was through the writing of the book and mastering life's adventures, and also doing this podcast on naturalised adventures and opening up to divinity, I felt very clearly that this was my calling. So that was less of a fear for me. And so you but think about it for yourself, is what is my high calling. And if I know what it is, am I fearful about the moving it forward or not. And then there is also the fear of the future. And that was kind of one of the fear ahead is because I've been so busy in my life, in terms of with my work and with the projects that I've been involved in, that I felt like I didn't, I wasn't sure if I could be able to take one thing on my one more thing on my plate, in order to be able to manage because I feel that that live is moving me to be really busy. And I realize you know what I've got to do this higher calling is more important than some of these other activities.

Dr. Judith Holder:

And so I've got to make some choices. And I've got to say no to certain things, and say very much with my passion is during this focus on looking at how we apply spiritual principles in our everyday life. This has been a passion and an urge and a desire for decades for me. And so I felt like, there's no time like the now. Let's get it moving forward, let's be able to get it done, I will always have these other things that will come up, I need to make choices around them. But this is something I choose to be able to move forward. But think about for yourself to this whole area about about fear of the future, and how you might need to conquer that fear, to move yourself forward with doing something that you truly want to do. And also to look at maybe the things that are trying to get in your way, and how you want to handle that. The next fear was fear of change. And the fear of change means is that if I do this, you know where changed or transformed my life in such a way that I may or may not lie. I didn't have that fear as much, because I don't mind change. Because usually the change if especially intentional change, can really develop and change to be very positive in ways that you never know. And so but there is the human condition that we live in, and which we'd like things to remain this thing. Even if that sameness is not that great. So think about that for yourself, do I have kind of a fear of change. And that's why I'm kind of feeling more stuck, even though I know there's something more than I need to do. I even know though I know that there is no other direction, that would be far better for me. And the last fear that I contemplated that was maybe hindering me or stopping me from moving forward or creating false beliefs for myself was a fear of others reactions. And that was a part of my assumptions or thinking that that people would not like what I had to say people will not be accepting of what I have to say something I said earlier. And so I you know, it put me in the procrastination lane. You know, in that in that procrastination lane, it's like you're moving really, really slowly or you're not moving at all, to move towards what you know, is your higher calling, and what's most important that you can share and the society and in greater ways.

Dr. Judith Holder:

And so I had to take a deep look at this fear of others reactions and realize no more people will think will feel people will do what's best for them. And that I have to let them do that and not get into interpreting their even comments that they may make and negative light but see it as a learning experience. See it as maybe feedback that's been given that maybe a blind spot that I'm not seeing that will be helpful for me to see. See In a more than inviting way, as opposed to in a fearful way, because as we know, fear is false evidence appearing real. And we have to be able to take that illusion that's going on and look at it for what it really is. And make sure we are guiding ourselves. And this is something I like to be talking about more on my podcast, is guiding ourselves to move through the situation and not feel stymied by the situation, if we know it's something that is needs to be done, and we're doing in the rightful way, that is heart allows for harmony, balance and peace in people's lives. And for them to be able to maybe feel something within themselves that has not been filled before, but gives them a refreshing water, you know, cold water, and a hot day, for them to be able to say, Oh, my God, I never thought about that, that I never thought that tied into this over here, in terms of what I'm thinking of how my life has gone about, and the spiritual principles that are trying to be taught to me, now I got the connection, this is helpful. That's what I'm interested in, is helping people to make the connect the dots, helping them to know that they can be able to see things from many different perspectives, but they're seeing it from the perspective that will be most helpful to them. And also that I wanted to be able to really challenge this issue around loneliness. Because sometimes there is a when you're walking a spiritual path, it can feel very lonely. Or when you're not walking a spiritual path, it can still feel very lonely as well. And we have to be aware of the fact that there's different stages that you may go through, and having a sense of aloneness. But I would like you to start thinking about aloneness is moving it into attunement at one mint at one with who you truly are. And I know sometimes the 20 Somethings and 30 Somethings, and even 40 Somethings are still trying to figure out, you know, how do I have a relationship? Or how do I not feel so lonely? Or how do I be able to feel a greater sense of happiness in my relationships I currently have with individuals and not feel alienated. And so these are experiences or feelings that or individuals are having. And I understand very much so you know, especially if you're a unique individual, a sensitive individual that may want to try to figure out what particular spiritual path you want to walk in. For you're not even in the beginning processes of thinking about that at all, you just want to have a greater sense of completeness and wholeness. Either way is about soul fulfillment. And thinking about are there certain things that my soul needs that I need to look at in a different way, and garner new skills, and that allows me to be able to slow it down, start processing, what is the real need here, and start fulfilling that particular need.

Dr. Judith Holder:

So what I just finished talking about in terms of the four reasons for not acting, and two of them, I felt I had and and inviting you to think about if you have had any of these, and then what you have done to be able to try to move yourself forward would be always something you can include in the comment section, I would love to read about that. But the foreword, and in terms of one was the fear of higher calling. The second was the fear of the future. And with that, my hope. And the third was fear of change. Because in the human condition, we actually like things to remain the same, even though the changes in order. And then the fourth was fear of others reactions, I definitely had that one fear of others reactions that kept me kind of small, as opposed to expand it and share my wisdom, my thoughts and allowing other people to share theirs through this podcast. And I just want to make one comment about the fear of people's reactions. And also my higher calling. Those were the two kind of issues that have come up for me less so the higher calling, but definitely the other reactions is just because I think differently. And so I think about spirituality, and I think about the soul, which is a substance of your life, I think about karma, and reincarnation, and the power of the spoken word and how we can use that creative force of the spoken word in a positive way to help to erase some of the conditions or feelings or circumstances that we're having in our line. And so it's really talking about things in a totally different way than the average person maybe has talked about it. And maybe other people have shared this and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Dr. Judith Holder:

You know, as we're going through the different episodes, but that was the thing that I think was hindering me, it was that was like going to be an oddball. And you know what, there's nothing the matter with being inaudible. It's just being accepting of the fact that you are different. And being open, and willingness to explore that difference. And that's what I've been doing, I guess throughout my entire life is getting more comfortable with being who I am, and what my gifts and talents and garnering experiences are moved me towards. And one of those things that I think it has moved me towards, is to be able to do this podcast, mastering life's adventures, and looking at how to be your best self, and looking at through the lens of the soul evolution, and understanding that there is a lot of mysteries that exist in the world. And maybe we can look at some of those and start having discussions around them to live a more fulfilling life by looking at things that may be mysteries initially for us. But as we garner and we start talking about them, they're not mysteries as much and they become more real, and more tangible, and more actionable, of things that we can be able to do to help us to live a more fulfilling life, to help us to have a greater sense of joy in our lives, to help us to have a greater connection to that which is greater than ourselves. That is also the unseen forces willing and able to help us. But because of freewill, and we live on a planet of freewill, we have to ask for their guidance, we have to ask the angels that come into our lives instead of masters, all unseen forces, we have to ask them to step into our worlds to help us. And I use the analogy about being in a football game. And in order for you to be able to see the different plays that are being done and knowing how you need to maneuver, maybe we can call on an angel and ascended master to guide us to help us so that we can win that game, we can kick that feel gold, that we can dodge that tackle and move towards a goal line of our life, whatever that goal line is. Those are things that has inspired me to be able to say, You know what, let's put these misbeliefs or these fears or these false evidence appearing peer and we're real aside. And let us move forward with doing something that gives me a greater joy, peace, and a wisdom that I've garnered through the years, and by the grace of my parents and all the experiences I have. And you have wisdom to that I want to learn about and hear about your experiences as well. But my ultimate goal is to serve is to help is to be able to transcend ourselves to where we were in the past, to where we want to be in the now and where we want to be in the future. That there is a path that we can follow, and which I call apply and to apply spirituality to in our everyday lives. Those are some of my thoughts. If you have thoughts about some of what I shared, please leave a comment below.