Episode 77

Love is the Key for Awakening! - Part II with Guest Master Behram Ghista

Master Behram Ghista, in Part II of Mastering Life’s Adventures in Living, focuses on “Love is the Key for Awakening!” Master Behram shares what is a nonnegotiable commitment, his experience living in a cave, how quietness knows how to heal, and the power of developing a skilled practice over mind and impulses through loving something greater than yourself, your Creator, and God.

Note: We invite you to listen to Master Behram Ghista’s Part I Episode (#76) on When We Don’t Go Within, We Go Without, released on January 24th. You are in for a treat!

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A podcast for seekers from various walks of life who are craving more

substance in their lives through practical, spiritual approaches to

handling life’s daily adventures and gaining insights and self-mastery

through -

• “How to” approaches in incorporating spiritual principles into your

day-to-day living

• Personal-professional stories of overcoming and honoring your


• Gaining a greater sense of well-being and inner peace regardless of


Join host Dr. Judith Holder (Leadership Coach-Psychologist, Facilitator,

Consultant, and Author) as we integrate the knowledge of what you know

into who you are and empower you to explore who, what, and where your

True Self, also known as your SOUL (Substance Of Ur Life), the source

for greater peace, fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

This educational podcast explores how to live a more fulfilling life in

the 21st century!

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Life is not a straight line! We are trying to flow with it and wisely

determine how to get the most out of life! If you are searching for

strategies, tools, techniques, and innovative approaches to thinking and

applying spiritual principles in daily living, this is the podcast for


We delve into exploring, innovating, and providing an understanding

through creating ways to tap into the oasis of your True Self during

life’s daily adventures and, at times, hassles! Your True Self is the

essence of who you are, usually untapped and often unknown to us, yet is

the substance and source for having more meaning, purpose, fun, and

inspiration in living.

We explore and discuss topic areas such as –

• Seeking something more in life amid an ever-changing world

• Integrating keys to leading self and others and having healthy


• Building Soul self-awareness in everyday living

• Tuning into key ingredients to one’s higher purpose as parents

• Understanding keys to how Soul testing(s) occur in daily living

• Learning to tap into your superpowers to master life’s small and great


• Digging into the essentials of wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit

These are some examples of our focus during our time together. And in

this podcast, there is so much more!

This podcast is not about changing your religious or spiritual

affiliations but more about adding value and enhancing how you integrate

the knowledge of what you know into who you are (as stated) and

empowering you to explore who, what, and where your True Self, as


Note: These educational episodes are the opinions and views of the

podcast host and should not be interpreted as any form of psychotherapy

or counseling. Please feel free to ponder, utilize, or try something

different than what these episodes discuss.

Guests on Dr. Holder's podcast provide their opinions, which are

educational and not prescriptive. Assistance should be sought from

providers and/or healthcare professionals who are familiar with the

listener’s specific situation.